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Reflexology System

The New Targets reflexology system is an online web app that can be use from a Laptop, Mobile Phone, iPad; in fact anywhere you can get a Wi-Fi or 3G/4G connection. It allows for the storage of reflexology treatments, and other data.

The build concept is to provide reflexology benefits to the Therapist, making sure that the system is simple to use. So, we asked working reflexologists to help with the reflexology definitions in the design. The results were great, the features are relevant and not too techie. All paperwork, notes and pictures can be stored electronically and accessed when required. A Google map displays the client’s address, for those that work mobile.

We have also integrated the calendar function with Google calendar, so you can see your appointments in one calendar display.

The New Reflexology System – Web App – FREE Trial!

Foot Notes

 “Reflexology” Information…

  • Client Information
  • Record Treatment Details
  • Use “Foot Notes” System

Google Calendar

Google Calendar Integration…

  • Google Map Client Address
  • Show Item on Google Calendar
  • Treatment Appointments

Other Treatments

Use to manage other treatments…

  • Other Treatment Notes
  • Customer Files & Details
  • Add Treatment Breakdown

Client Database

Client Address Book…

  • Customer Status Sections
  • Customise – Add Fields Option
  • Customer Photo Upload

Client Folders

Customise Client Folders…

  • Store Photos, Registration Forms,
  • Quotations, PDFs, Diagrams,
  • Training Notes, Invoices, and Much More!

Security & Backups

Databases with Data Backup…

  • System up time is reported at 99.5%
  • 24/7 Access with Internet Connection
  • Data Recovery and Safeguards
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