Lone Worker


Lone Worker Features

Safe Mobile Reflexologists…
  • Email Function for…
  • Check-In at Client’s Home
  • Discreet Panic Button

GDPR – Secure Data

GDPR Became Law 25th May…¬†
  • Keeping Records Secure
  • Up to Date Information
  • The Right to be Forgotten

Appointment Reminders

Auto Reminder by Text or email…
  • SMS Treatment Reminders
  • Remind The Day Before
  • No More Forgetful Clients!

Lone Worker Reflexology

Lone Worker Therapists often provide a visiting service to their clientele. It would be fair to say that many of these types of therapists could be described as running a micro business, often working unsociable hours to meet the demands of their customer base.

In developing and attracting new clients, therapists rely on recommendations, or maybe a website detailing the service, social media, even printed media advertising. What can get overlooked which is incredibly important to remember, is that the service and activities undertaken by these therapists would be considered in many other industries and larger companies as Lone Worker status, and would therefore have process, procedure and technology in place to help keep people safe.

Having Therapists help design the system, something that struck us as being missing was the lack of lone worker support whilst out in the field. So we decided to change that!

We have included two key functions in our system aimed at firstly making sure others know exactly where you are and what appointment you are attending currently. We call this the Check-in button. And secondly the Discreet Panic button, this allows you to send a distress email to your support person with pinpoint accuracy when sent from your mobile phone (we use Google Maps to show your location).

In addition, and before you set off to a new client, you can review the address from within the system as we integrated google maps to the new appointment you’ve created. Then use the sat nav function in Google to find your way to the property, even look at the road and the house you are visiting before you leave.

Check out the videos to understand more…