Appointment Reminders

Appointment Reminders

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Appointment Reminders

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Appointment Reminders

Customer Reminders | We all have things about our jobs we love; likewise, we have things that can really annoy, worst still cost money!

Now I’m guessing that one of those really irritating things as a working professional can be captured in the following excuses…

“I forgot you were coming today”
“Is it today? I thought it was tomorrow”

Wasted time, money, and probably journey time, and unfortunately it’s you that has to bear the cost and inconvenience of someone forgetting. You might be lucky and get paid for the cancellation, but many don’t.

We’ve introduced customer reminder notifications to your client management system, both for you and your clients. If you turn on email reminders for yourself, you will receive an email at the start of each day if you have any outstanding treatments on your account.

You can then click on these links and go straight into your account and complete them. Bear in mind this feature won’t function if you have turned on the auto-complete option.

If you turn on the client notifications then your customers will receive an Email or Text the day before the appointment, reminding them that you have a treatment booked with them. There’s no action for them to take, apart from being available. It’s simply a way to remind your clients that the appointment is still booked and taking place.

Whilst we understand it won’t solve every cancellation, we are however confident that the customer email notifications can help reduce down the number of wasted journeys.

We’ve added a number of new features to our Reflexology Client Notes system to help manage and complete your appointments.

Please take a look at our FREE TRIAL to see how this can help you.