Reflexology Clients Protection

Reflexology Software

Keep client records safe! Paper gets damaged and Hard drives corrupted!
Organise your data easily as you build your business! 
Easily delete client records from the system, if requested
System can be used on any internet enabled device!


Are your patients treatment notes Safe? – UK Hosting to meet GDPR regulations.
Access Data on Laptops, Tablets or Phones! – Demonstrate the “Right to be Forgotten


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Reflexology Software

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Reflexology software provides a great way to track and analyse patient data, on allsorts of devices (SEE VIDEO). Mobile reflexologists can use the system whilst visiting clients. However, the system works great for those working from a surgery. The system has been designed by working Reflexologists and we aim to keep improving with great feedback.

Reflexology App

Reflexology Lone Workers

Our Reflexology Software (App) can be use from a PC, Laptop, Mobile Phone, Tabloid; in fact anywhere you can receive a Wi-Fi or 3G/4G connection (SEE VIDEO). We have created some great features with the help of practising Reflexologists. The system easily lends itself to a number of alternative therapies that may or may not be used in conjunction with reflexology.

   Anni – “Thank you for building the reflexology software system, it makes it so much easier to keep my records up to date, I couldn’t be without it now” 😀

Software Team – “Good to hear you’re making the most of the system. Thanks for the feedback!”

Lone Worker Features

Safe Mobile Reflexologists…
  • Email Function for…
  • Check-In at Client’s Home
  • Discreet Panic Button

GDPR – Secure Data

The GDPR Law Change… 
  • Keeping Records Secure
  • Up to Date Information
  • The Right to be Forgotten

Appointment Reminders

Auto Reminder by Text or email…
  • SMS Treatment Reminders
  • Remind The Day Before
  • No More Forgetful Clients!


Are your records up to date? – Don’t forget paper can be lost and laptops can be stolen!
Data becomes old! – Should you be keeping it as part of your client records?
Can you demonstrate the removal of all client records from your current system?
Is your Data stored in the UK?